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Semi-Private Workshop

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In our semi-private workshops, we work with groups that already know each other and are looking to learn together. During our initial consultation, everyone will learn how to properly assess themselves and target areas of weakness or imbalance. In the subsequent sessions, everyone will learn their personal plan, built specifically off the assessment and their current goals, and how to alter it for various goals.

What will be learned?

 Foundational concepts of movement

How to become more aware of how your body is feeling and why.

 Preparatory movements for your specific activities and sports

 Proper form and cues for each movement

 Recovery methods (Rolling, massage, and icing techniques)

What creates sustainability?

A better awareness & understanding of: 

How to build long lasting habits

The concepts that govern our body

 How to optimize recovery

How to optimize the warm up for the activities you engage in

Contact us to book a private group up to 10 people


(407) 780-9980

Man Climbing

Do you like to spend your winter on the slopes? Learn the exercises that will help you keep those knees safe and have you ripping turns all winter long.

Do you like to conduct your best Spider-Man impression? Learn a routine that will help you climb harder and longer.

Road Biker
Mountain Biking by the Lake

Does your fun usually come while on two wheels? Discover a routine that will keep you racking up the miles. Exercises will vary between road and mountain biking. Learn how to prepare for the differing demands.


Is your idea of fun a long walk in the woods with 40 lbs on your back? Build the tools to make it as enjoyable an experience as it can be.

On the Top

Is your happy place on top of a mountain? Learn the daily movements that will prepare you for those adventures in unpredictable terrain while carrying heavy loads .

Running Athletic Women
Winter Apparel

Does your exercise and clarity usually come in the form of a long run? Learn the exercises to benefit both your road and trail runs. Exercises will vary considering the different demands of each.

Tree Pose

The summer is the time for water sports. Contact us to learn some movements that will have you better prepared to enjoy our beautiful lakes and waterways!

Women Playing Tennis

Tennis requires precision and consistency, but even more importantly it requires stable knees and ankles. We are dedicated to teaching you the movements to help prepare you for life long enjoyment on the court.

Golfing Couple

The beauty of a golf course is unlike any other. However, in order to enjoy that beauty at it's fullest, you must be prepared for long and unbalanced days. Come and learn the movements to help counteract that imbalance and prepare for round after round.

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