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The Philosophy

There is only one thing that keeps us from freedom. Reliance. Though I enjoy being trusted with the keys, I realize that the only way to help someone reach their full potential is to teach them how to drive. This has led to the design of a strategy that focuses on building a conceptual understanding of how to take care of your unique body. Going well beyond proper form while modifying the lesson plans to match your unique goals and needs, you will gain the confidence to structure your own fitness program and alter it as your goals and needs evolve.

Meet your Instructor


Nick Beauchamp C.S.C.S , B.S.
Program Developer

For over a decade I have been passionate about discovering methods to maximize sport performance and increase longevity. Following the obtainment of my bachelor's degree in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Central Florida, I found a mentor, Derek Decater, who shared similar ideologies and visions.  While working with him, Matt McKinley, and Andrew Infinger, I furthered my education of kinesiology and continued my development as a program designer. Inspired by what I had learned, I decided to act on my own novel visions and launched Elevated. For three years, I worked with athletes of varying sports at Skyline High School, specializing in developing strength and conditioning programs specific to their respective sports. After researching and inquiring with those living active lifestyles, I chose to re-align my visions for Elevated with a greater focus on teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how to take control of their physical preparation. I live to inspire and guide you to build sustainable daily habits geared towards staying strong and mobile, increasing performance, and allowing you to continue to perform the activities that you love.

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