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I have been lucky to have learned from some of the best

Kevin Chiles

Kevin is the owner of Chiles Sports Development and was a big influence in my speed and agility training. He also taught me a lot about explosiveness and how to apply movements from the field into exercises in the gym. I worked with Kevin as part of the Skyline football team from 2009-2010.

Josh Boonstra

Josh was a trainer at the PRO Club Peformance Center when I worked with him. He was one of largest influences on me in becoming a trainer in large part due to the fun he had while working. He taught me a lot about core, balance, and body control. I worked with Josh from January-June 2009.

Jon  Davis & Olivia Lauren

Jon and Olivia are co-owners of DTS (Davis Training Systems) in Orlando, FL. They pride themselves on their application of the westside barbell method. They were a huge influence on the explosive techniques I use in my training today. I worked with Jon and Olivia from August 2012-May 2013.

Maurice Clarke

Maurice was a Jamaican olympic sprinter. Everything I thought I knew about sprinting he corrected. He taught me the proper biomechanics of running and ultimately lengthened my stride. He has influenced the way I coach speed and agility tremendously. I worked with Maurice during the summer of 2009

Hunter Wood

Hunter was the first trainer I ever worked with. At the time he was working for RDV Sportsplex Performance Center, but now owns his own company (Coach Wood Strength and Conditioning). He taught me a lot of the motivational aspects that go along with training. I worked with Hunter in 2007.

Chauncy Ako

Chaucy was the strength and conditioning coach for Santa Rosa Junior College during my time there. His philosophies were centered around muscle conditioning and explosiveness. He taught me a lot about muscle endurance and maintaining peak performance for maximal time. I worked with Chauncy  from 2010-2012.

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